Discussing Thesis and Dissertation

As a current graduate and a future student, you must have already made a research about studying peculiarities in a college. Reckless life, sleepless nights; burning midnight oil, constant cramming; away from home, new friends - that is only a small list what awaits you in the next level of your life. Perhaps the scariest things to hear about were the research papers. Big writing tasks, demanding requirements, strict structure, and huge studies are an integral part of the writings you are going to have while composing your thesis and dissertation. However, before jumping into it, you should study the main peculiarities as well as differences between these two types of academic works. Therefore, here are a few tips to understand how dissertation differs from your college thesis.

Finding Differences in Academic Works


What it is essential to know at the beginning is the terms of completion of these papers. At the end of your master's course, you are about to defend your thesis work, while dissertation is completed when you are making your doctoral studying. Apart from that, the purpose of both academic papers is also different. If to take into consideration how long is a master's degree, the thesis is actually the summary of the entire course that consolidates all the accumulated knowledge and organizes them into a one written task. On the other hand, the dissertation has an aim to broaden your mind, practice new theories, conduct new experiments and show your ability to perceive new material. Your main goal is to set up a new concept and work around it during the entire doctoral program.


Depending on how long is a master's degree, your thesis can be compared to either of your previous papers, even with your undergrad. You have a topic for research and study it at your best. Then, conduct a deep analysis of the following discussion of what you have mastered. Your main objective is to show that your master's degree years are not spent in vain; that the knowledge that you have received is used in a right direction. If to talk about the dissertation, here you mostly work with the research that has been already conducted but you do try to broaden it, implement new studies and hypothesis toward the theory you are working with. You are the one who is responsible for the information stated in the paper. You are the direct author and it is all about your own new concepts that are to be created.

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The last but not the least is the difference in length. While master's degree years are not as impactful, the size of an average thesis is approximately 100 pages. This length is capable of holding all your accumulated knowledge and analysis without any difficulties. The dissertation is much more serious and consequently bigger. Usually, it is three or even four times larger than a thesis. The size is relevant here as the thought must be presented fully and with the deepest discussion.


Thesis is much shorter than dissertation. It is like the entrance part to the further research. It resembles a piece of advanced coursework, which points at the further research need. Besides its originality, thesis should maintain certain position of its author and express some ideas. Dissertation goes after thesis and researches the rightness and trustworthiness of this idea. The main distinguishing features of dissertation vs thesis is that the first is much longer and includes findings and discussion section.

Now, you should understand what the difference between thesis and dissertation is.

Good luck with your writing!

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