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The Cannery Row Antique Mall advert shows beautiful pictures of the items that are sold in the mall. They are a selection of pictures that indicate various products. The upper photo displays nice paintings on the wall with golden umbrella and looks like a place of taking snacks. Additionally, the same picture shows the artistic curved shape bird that has been molded from clay. The other pictures depict the images of beautiful jewels, artistic work, and toys for the children. The bottom left picture shows diversity of items ranging from the toys for girls, cups, beautiful table, book, and a woman. The ad bears the words: 'Join us for our "Valentine Food and Wine Tasting" and Vintage Fashion Show'. The other descriptions are for the event, which is celebrating the arrival of spring with the details of the venue, dates, and times among others. All the descriptions have been made in smaller fonts as compared to bolder and bigger ones reading, "CANNERY ROW ANTIQUE MALL".

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Even though there are many shopping centers, Antique Mall provides the latest beautiful products in the market that satisfy the dynamic needs of the consumers. The main purpose of the ad is to market the mall and attract many consumers to buy its products and services. The advert has been made in such a way that it is so attractive and informing about the goods and services that the consumers can make a purchase at a glance.

The audience for this advert is diverse. Based on the description and the images on the advert, the audience covers mothers, children, couples, newly-weds, event and party managers among others. The image of the woman sitting down near the table with toy babies shows that the mall is a suitable place for women to bring their children so that they can play. The children would enjoy being in the mall since there are plenty of toys to play with. Additionally, the ad intends to strengthen the relationship between a mother and her children. This is a positive challenge in modern times where women are busy at work and lack the intimate connection with their kids.

The appearance of the books, cups, and nice paintings shows that it is a place where so many different people can come. The public that shop in the mall from the image are learners, couples drinking wine as they attend a party, and the artists whose crafts are sold in the mall. The ad, therefore, shows that the intended audience is very wide to accommodate as many needs of the public as possible. The advert also shows that the audience is likely to be rich people who can afford to drink wine and dine at the shopping center. The poor may not be able to pay for the most of services since they might appear too luxurious.


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Furthermore, the ad displays the woman putting on necklace appearing so beautiful and relaxed. This is to inform people that when they bring their women or when ladies come to the mall and buy the jewels, they would appear as gorgeous as the lady on the ad. Additionally, it shows that the mall provides a relaxed environment with no pressure but peace and beauty. The mall would, therefore, be the most serene place where a couple can spend quality time together as well as do shopping. The shopping center meets their need for a peaceful ambience and beauty while the customers boost the sales of the products within it. The atmosphere reminds a great escape from the hustle and bustle of a big city life with honking vehicles and traffic jams.

With the mentioning of varieties of foods on the ad provided in the mall, it shows that Antique Mall is a place for all races and nationalities. It is beautifully described as "valentine food, wine tasting and vintage fashion show" and "join our guest caterers with small bites and great vino, while live models don vintage rags, hats and jewels...". The description paints a picture of a mall that is welcoming to every single human being. The foods being sold are also exceptional. The customers have the freedom to choose the best dishes that they desire. Provision of varieties of foods is good as the guests from all over the world are able to feel as if they were at home. The mall offers high class goods and services for various parties and celebrations. The ad names a few celebrations such as spring and Valentine and Fashion shows. This shows that the mall is an all-inclusive place for varieties of events.

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Although the ad has been made so beautiful in order to promote Antique Mall among the clients, it is not very clear if the image was photo-shopped and edited from the Internet or it is a real shoot. The lady in the image putting on the necklace appears to be a mannequin to convince ladies that they will also be beautiful when they put on the same jewels.

To conclude, in my own assessment the ad is very effective in communicating the marketing message of the Antique Mall to the customers. The items that are on the ad have been used strategically to convey what the mall offers. At a glance, the customers are able to get the information on the products being marketed which is of great importance in marketing. The ad has been made to effectively create a beautiful picture of the shopping center in the mind of the customers and develop emotional attachment with the products sold in the mall. Using the image of a relaxed gorgeous woman also attracts many families since women are mothers and play a crucial role in uniting the family. Additionally, the ad shows that it targets the high income earners in the society who can afford the services and products that are listed.

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