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Job evaluation refers to the systematic process commonly used to examine the relative worth of different jobs within specific settings. Job evaluation involves careful analysis of all position tasks, knowledge as well as skills. It is also used to assess the employee's value and formulate an internal hierarchical ranking system that ensures the flow of information within an organization. Job evaluation is primarily based on three key methods including ranking classification and point method. The ranking method is mainly connected with the qualifications of an individual as well as his/her experience. Classification bases on whether the employees are skilled or unskilled while the point method relies on the classification of particular skills in the specific classes. The classification of the jobs, in this case, has been based on the qualifications of an individual, years of experience, and job responsibilities as indicated in the job requirements. According to the analysis of the roles, teamwork is considered to play a fundamental role in all parties, and, as a result, all employees' work titles have the team element present. In this case, the employees with the entry level skills are found in the lower sections of the hierarchical system and, thus, those with fewer qualifications. The Team Member Deli and Team Member Kitchen are at the lower levels of the job structure. The Team Member II Stock and Display reports directly to the Team Member Stock and Display while the Team Member Deli and Team Member Kitchen report to the Team Member Prepared Foods. Team Member Stock and Display is also reporting to the person above. Team Member Prepared Foods reports to The Associate Team Prepared Foods who, in turn, reports to the Team Leader Prepared Foods who finally reports to the Regional Team Leader. The cashier reports directly to the Team Leader Prepared Foods. The figure below shows the organizational chart while the subsequent sections evaluate the specific roles of the different positions.

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Job A - Team Member Deli

Job A has been assigned the title "Team Member Deli." The title of the job is associated with the term "deli" since the experience in the above area was required. Deli or delicatessen is foods connected with meat from foreign units or organizations. The above job requires less stringent qualifications, which are similar to those for the entry level. Thus, it is considered to be ranked lowly. Several job techniques methods were utilized in the above case. The first method employed was ranking, which based on qualifications. The job lacks any particular educational qualifications, and, as a result, it is lowered in the hierarchical setting (Dubey, 2015). However, the classification technique is taken as a base, it is important to note that the job requires a form of experience from an individual who had previously worked in an environment that was connected with deli. Most of the other skills are to be learnt through on-job training. Since the entry requirements for the above job role are lower, and most of the skills can be learned while working for the company, the compensatory factors for the above position reduce. The compensation is correlated with the qualifications and skills of an individual (Dubey, 2015). The compensation factors are educational level, experience, responsibility, supervision exercised, supervision received, complexity challenges, and consequences of error. The employees with higher qualification standards and skills are compensated differently as compared to the entry level positions. In addition, an employee is under a form of supervision, and there is no employee working under him/her. It substantially lowers the compensation of this worker.

The job largely focuses on managing all kitchen-related issues, for example, ensuring cleanliness, and handling all things connected with quality within the work setting. Since the above-mentioned parties work within the kitchen setting, they are supposed to improve their communication skills and follow all rules governing there. The critical job experience in the previous case is the experience in deli preparation and clear understanding of certain activities within the company. The above-mentioned job requires the party to gain most of the skills from the current work setting. The use of soft skills has also been emphasized since there a high probability that the employee will largely be interacting with customers.

The job evaluation method utilized above affects the compensable factors. If ranking is considered major technique, an employee is more likely to receive lower salary as compared to the case when classification based on skill is utilized. Such compensable factors as supervision and educational qualification affect the above position. The job evaluation process has no impact on the above work since the position lacks essential qualifications that efficiently eliminate other individuals or parties.

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Job B - Cashier

The title of Job B is "Cashier." The above job is largely connected with all financial transactions that occur within specific settings, and, as a result, the term "cashier" has been utilized. Unlike all other jobs that have a team member element within their structure, the above one lacks this aspect. The handling of money within specific settings requires from one individual to work with this issue with the main aim being to increase the accountability within the setting (Dubey, 2015). Unlike other parties who follow a hierarchical reporting system, the cashier's role is independent. He/she, therefore, reports through the use of financial records to different parts within the organizational setting as shown in the above scheme.

The job evaluation techniques utilized in the analysis of the above role are largely consideration and ranking. The position requires an individual with excellent maths skills and high integrity in handling all issues the company faces. This person also has to be the face of an enterprise. Certain compensable factors include responsibility and complexity of duties. In the above case, the cashier is widely responsible for the most of the financial records as well as the baler. Proper remuneration is supposed to be provided to the above party considering that he or she is the only person handling all financial-related aspects (Taylor, 2014).

The above job largely requires working with all financial information within a company. The cashier interacts with customers and is expected to be the face of the company. High level of integrity and professionalism are expected from this person. The most useful part of the job description in the above case is the maths skills and use of the baler. Automation of the baler, which allows using fingerprints, will be a significant improvement since less time will be used for controlling it. Accounting-related qualifications will ensure that essential maths skills are utilized in handling all financial issues within the organizational setting. The job evaluation method, compensable factors, and the process affect the above job since it has specific requirements related to certain qualifications and complexity of tasks.

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Job C - Team Leader Prepared Foods

Job C is "Team Leader Prepared Foods." The above job presents several essential functions including the supervision of other specific areas within the current setting. The job evaluation methods used in the above approach include ranking, classification, and the point method. This job requires specific educational qualifications, for example, handling specific financials related to the company, previous experience as a team leader in other areas, and the use of particular skills related to such aspect as merchandising. The compensable factors include qualifications, experience, responsibilities, complexity of duties, supervision exercised, and consequences of any error (Taylor, 2014). All of the factors mentioned above determine the nature of the above job. These factors have been identified since they were the key elements of the job description. Most parts of the job description are essential for the position. The important parts include the duties of being responsible for the hiring process within the setting, ensuring accountability within the specific environment, and guaranteeing that the gross profit margins are attained within the company. The hiring process may be improved through the use of an online system that filters all individuals based on their qualifications or skills. Particular processes are dependent solely on other parties within the organizational setting, and, therefore, the supervision under all of the above parties can significantly improve them. The job evaluation method, description, and job evaluation process determine the nature of the above job.

Job D - Team Member Prepared Foods

Team Member Prepared Foods is classified as Job D. Ideally, the above job position is directly under the Team Leader Prepared Foods' supervision. The job has an element of teamwork, which means that certain the roles may be shared with other parties within this specific organizational setting. The job evaluation methods utilized in the above case is ranking and classification, which is widely based on the skills of an individual. The position requires an individual with minimum of six months experience and, at the same time. Adequate information on both back-end and front-end activities is also needed. Among the compensable factors that are to be considered in the above case, there are experience, education, and responsibilities (Taylor, 2014). The job requires minimum of six months experience in this setting. In addition, the above role demands that Team Member head all supervisory processes. All roles have an impact on the compensation provided to the parties mentioned earlier. The job evaluation identifies certain key responsibilities including the mentoring of all parties among others. One essential aspect of the job that is significant compared to the others is the monitoring of all activities that exist within the company and reporting to the above party. In essence, this party acts largely to ensure that all control standards within the company are working efficiently. The inclusion of particular individuals can help in the improvement of quality processes within the organization (Taylor, 2014). It is clear that the job evaluation techniques and compensable factors affect this position. The process might also have an impact since there are specific criteria for the above job.


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Job E - Team Member Kitchen

Team Member Kitchen is classified as Job E. The job evaluation technique that has been widely utilized was based on ranking. The entry position for the above job has primarily been categorized as an entry area and, therefore, based on the rank, the job was more likely to have one of the lowest levels within the organization (Taylor, 2014). The compensation factors are educational level, experience, responsibility, supervision exercised, supervision received, complexity challenges, and consequences of error. The compensatory measures of the above job are likely to be decreased since the qualifications are low. Similarly, such factors as supervision, consequences of errors, and supervision exercised are lacking. Since it is an entry level position, there is increased probability that the above role does not have huge salary package. The job evaluation of the above position primarily is focused on conducting specific activities within the kitchen that the supervisor in charge of the whole process assigns. Nonetheless, since the above position requires an individual to interact with the other parties, the emphasis should be made on the development of soft skills; they play a critical role in developing communication between various parties (Taylor, 2014). The job evaluation technique that mostly affects the above party is the ranking method while the compensatory factors have been indicated to play slightly larger role in defining the nature of the above job.

Job F - Team Member II Stock and Display

Job F is "Team Member II Stock and Display." The job largely involves stocking of products within the company as well as training the entry levels personnel within the setting. The ranking, classification, and the point methods are the three key tools that have been utilized in defining the nature of the above job (EL-Hajji, 2015). The position has such specific requirement as minimum number of years in the retail grocery environment. In addition, the individuals on this position are supposed to provide training to the members of personnel within the organizational setting. Among the compensatory factors, supervision, training, educational qualifications, and complexity of duties are taken into consideration in this case. The employees will be paid highly due to the roles they play within the organizational setting coupled with their years of experience. A key role is the training of entry level personnel, which would be largely improved if on-job training was allowed (Taylor, 2014). On-job training is associated with several benefits including direct and practical learning approach as well as saving of costs required for the training process. In this case, the job evaluation techniques and compensatory factors significantly affect the job.

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Job G - Associate Team Leader Prepared Foods

Job H is "Associate Team Leader Prepared Foods." This person reports directly to the Team Leader Prepared Foods. The job has specific qualifications that are to be focused on. First, it requires two years of prior experience in a similar position and, at the same time, specific analytical skills as well as proficiency in certain areas of mathematics and other business management areas. Ideally, it means that the job evaluation technique to be utilized in the analysis will consider such aspects as the classification methods, which are primarily based on the years of experience, and the point method that focuses on the individual's skills (EL-Hajji, 2015). The compensatory factors to be considered in the above case include aspects that relate to supervision, educational qualifications as well as the responsibility thrust upon an individual. The job evaluation indicates that there are several vital roles of the above position. First, there is the function of interviewing and hiring individuals. This aspect could largely be improved by having a joint process by other parties higher on the hierarchal ladder.

Job H - Regional Team Leader

Job H title is "Regional Team Leader." It is the highest position within the whole organizational setting. The job evaluation techniques to be utilized in the above case take into consideration the ranking of an individual as well as his/her experience and skills. The above role requires that individual have past experience in the managerial position and, at the same time, core competencies that relate to the above job including such factors as strong computer skills and financial expertise. The compensation factors are educational level, experience, responsibility, supervision exercised, supervision received, complexity of challenges, and consequences of error. Since it is the largest position within this particular setting, several compensatory factors define the compensation rate of an individual (Taylor, 2014). Ideally, the above role requires Regional Team Leader to handle other stores individually. Therefore, the consequences of any error at any of the stores have an adverse effect on the company and the Regional Team Leader's compensation. In case a store underperforms, the Regional Team Leader is expected to explain why the loss is associated with the organization. Apart from the consequences of errors occurring in the organization, the compensable factors include supervision, experience, educational qualifications, the complexity of duties, and responsibility to the organization (EL-Hajji, 2015). A vital role is the management of all stores. It can be improved through the use of an online virtual system that allows the Regional Team Leader to look after all activities occurring within the particular settings and address any concerns about different stores.