A trip to New York in fall is not only a magnificent opportunity to see the beauty of the city but also to explore it as an avowed capital of fashion industry. Many fashion related companies have managed either to achieve having an office in New York City or have vanished under multiple no-name labels. Such companies as Forever Collectibles, Kohl's, Robyn G. Accessories, and Ross Stores are brilliant examples of what strategies should be applied in order to not only survive in the fashion world but also become a highly demanded company among the modern sophisticated buyers. Communicating with their top employees is an outstanding possibility to learn the essence of such prosperity within the fashion industry.

1. Forever Collectibles

The company is recognized as a creation of Jill and Michael Lewis, with its original location in Somerset, New Jersey. The idea of its first product was born in 1998 during Mrs. Lewis' son baseball game ("Forever Collectibles. Our Story"). The first product introduced by Forever Collectibles in 1999 at the Boston All-Star baseball game was the team logo teddy bear collection. The main peculiarity of these teddy bears was that they had a team logo and were able to actually stand on their own. The variety of the collectible items sold by the company by 2014 equals 150,000 products and an enormous amount of team logos ("Forever Collectibles. Our Story"). The product ranges teddy bears, Christmas hats stockings, team bands, shaped bands, replicas of the Statue of Liberty wearing baseball theme colors, arches with All-Star theme. It also introduced many sport-themed Disney and Marvel Comics characters. The major characteristic of the Forever Collectibles' products is its manufacture of products under the labels of NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA and NCAA colleges and universities ("Forever Collectibles. Our Story"). Forever Collectibles managed to keep the attention of the consumers, owing to the dedication to their sport and team preferences. The launch of the bubblehead collectibles used the images of popular sport celebrities, such as players of Oklahoma City Thunders' like Kevin Durant and San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan and coaches like St. Louis Rams' Mike Martz and Huston Texans' Dom Capers. It was a strategy implemented to stimulate the interest of the buyers and converted Forever Collectibles' products the number one choice for sport fans.

- Can the sport theme potentially fade away and become unclaimed, putting the company under the risk of losing its positions within the industry?

- What designers and celebrities seem appealing in terms of collaborating with Forever Collectibles? Why?

- Owing to what general message the company managed to deserve and maintain the loyalty of the consumers?

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2. Kohl's Design Center

The Kohl's Corporation was founded as a food store in 1946 by Max Kohl, who was successful in transforming it into a small chain of department stores. In 1962, the company owned six department stores. Eventually, in 1972 the American-British Tobacco Company bought the corporation from Max Kohl, leaving the Kohl family out of the business, but perpetuating its name. The company has grown into a modern retail giant with nearly 1,200 stores around the country. As Kohl's may consider collaboration with designers and celebrities as its major selling strategy, it has opened a huge design center in New York City ("Kohl's New York Design Center"). This design center has been created for the successful cooperative work with different designers, such as Vera Wang, Elie Tahari, Derek Lam, Narciso Rodriguez, Lauren Conrad, Peter Som, Michelle Smith, etc. (Mau). All of the listed designers work for the exclusiveness of Kohl's private brands. The most well-known private labels that have been introduced by Kohl's are: DesigNation, LC Lauren Conrad, Dana Buchman, Elle, Chaps, SONOMA life and style, etc (Peckenpaugh). The partnership with numerous celebrity designers greatly contributes to the creativity of the collections presented in stores. The company uses the names of celebrities to issue fashion lines under their names, in particular, the collections under the names of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez (Peckenpaugh). Such cooperative activity stimulates the growth of sales. In addition, the world famous names make the home and fashion products presented by Kohl's very attractive to the consumer. Basically, the introduced Kohl's Design Center is the heart and the future of modern Kohl's Corporation.

- Can a certain private label be considered the leading one for Kohl's Design Center?

- Will the Kohl's Design Center expand to introduce teenage celebrity names to attract the teenage group of consumers?

- What designers, besides Michelle Smith, are expected to collaborate with Kohl's in the coming year?

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3. Robyn G. Accessories

Robyn G. Accessories is a wholesale costume jewelry and hair products store. It is one of the companies that indeed realizes the importance of accessorizes in the world of fashion. As the company works as a wholesaler, it has only one office located in New York with Robyn Gaffin as its owner and major representative. Notwithstanding the fact that the company has only one office, it managed to become one of the leading jewelry wholesale companies since 2005, the year of its foundation ("About Us"). The company's culture is based on the principle of accessibility of its accessories for all types of consumers, from teenagers to plus size clients. It is very accurate in reflecting the latest trends in consumer jewelry fashion. The company attends all type of fashion shows to make sure they do not miss any innovative ideas or color patterns. The company has not collaborated with major celebrities for attracting more consumers. This responsibility remains on the shoulders of the retail companies, selling Robyn G. Accessorizes. Nevertheless, it is known to use the social media to learn the aspirations of the modern fashion youth. The unique products sold by the company have completed the fashion look of many consumers, demonstrating the power of details in the fashion industry. Such dedication has helped the company to expend to the level of becoming one of the leading costume jewelry wholesalers in North America. Robyn G. Accessorizes is a relatively young company whose products are already sold at Cato, Sears, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Dress Barn, Burlington, etc. ("About Us").

- What exotic countries does Robyn's G. Accessories design team travel to, in order to be inspired for future collections?

- Is the company planning on introducing an exclusive line under any famous designer or celebrity?

- How often do jewelry fashion trends actually change and how often Robyn G. Accessorizes introduces a new collection?


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4. Ross Stores

Ross Stores Incorporated was founded as a small family business in 1975 in the city of San Francisco. In 1982, it became widely known as a closeout merchandise chain of stores under the name Ross Dress for Less ("Historical Highlights"). Modern Ross Stores occupies one of the leading places among American discount department stores and has grown to the amount of nearly 1,200 stores throughout the country. The company has recruiters all over the United States that ensure the quality of the personnel of Ross Dress for Less trademark. Ross Stores offers a great amount of various labels under the roof of its stores but does not produce goods under its own private label. It is known for offering impressive discounts on fashion items of famous brand houses like Calvin Klein, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Michael Kors, Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden, etc. Besides, it offers a wide range of fashion products of the young population: Adidas, Vans, Roxy, Sketchers, Quicksilver, O'Neil, Free People and many others. The company's loyalty to providing closeout designer apparel, home fashion and accessories to its customers has resulted in Ross Stores expansion and prosperity. These efforts have been supported by the introduction of the dd's DISCOUNTS stores, providing small city neighborhoods with designer fashion goods ("Historical Highlights"). Ross stores have basically become the tool to deliver the culture of fashion to ordinary people who cannot afford attending a brand boutique and purchase merchandise at its original full price. Professionals, working for Ross Store, carefully chose the designer items to make sure that they correspond to the needs of a given store.

- Why do not Ross Stores manufacture different products under its own name?

- How does the company manage to keep the strong accent on designer clothes at affordable prices?

- Why do not Ross Stores actively use the celebrity instrument to affect its sales?

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