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My dream job is to become a customer service manager in a multinational corporation with a great reputation, such as Coca Cola or Mc Donald's. A customer service manager is an individual who ensures that customers of a given organization are satisfied with its services. Such a manager has many essential roles in ensuring the expansion, profitability and general success of an organization ("Customer service manager: Job description", 2013).

A customer service manager can achieve all important organizational objectives if the designing and developing of a general customer service policy for the entire company are introduced and realized. Also, in order to ensure the success and stability of an organization, a customer service manager should manage the staff in the customer service and relations department. The staff should ensure that customers understand well the customer service policies formulated by the customer service manager and organization management. In managing the customer services, the staff should also ensure that the developed customer service policies are implemented as required in order to establish and guarantee positive customer relations with an organization ("Customer service manager: Job description", 2013).

As a customer service manager, I will be involved in a number of tasks in order to ensure the growth and intense success of my organization. These tasks will ensure that the customer base of our company expands, thereby increasing our company's sales and market share in the competitive global market. These tasks will further ensure that customer relations are enhanced so that our company does not, in any way, lose our customers due to the avoidable organizational mistakes. One of the tasks I would perform as a customer service manager is to formulate and exercise regular and weekly meetings with different members of my department. Such meetings are likely to ensure clarification of any arising matters, as well as address any problems in the implementation of the customer service policies. The meetings can also be used to issue further communication on implementing the customer service policies in order to establish the favorable customer relations with our company's employees. Another task, as a customer service manager, would be to participate in the team work initiatives with members of my department in order to ensure support and cooperation among all of the staff within the department ("Customer service manager: Job description", 2013).

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Becoming a team leader in my department will improve on communication between my staff and me while, at the same time, enhance efficiency and successful implementation of company customer service policies. Subsequently, as a customer service manager, one of my important duties will be to provide mentorship to all employees within my department. Mentoring the staff in my department will ensure they receive adequate guidance and knowledge in order to perform their tasks and implement the company's policies that are aimed at establishing the relations with customers. Also, mentoring the staff will contribute to their respective career development, as well as enhance their overall work skills and help them in executing the customer service tasks efficiently and effectively. My mentorship initiatives will also likely to ensure general productivity of all employees in the department of customer service relations ("Customer service manager: Job description", 2013).

Consequently, as a customer service manager, I will have the task of carrying out assessment of customer's needs, both existing and emerging, in order to be able to design effective and innovative policies within my department. Such assessment will also ensure that the precise products that meet the customer's needs are focused on in order to ensure our customers are not lost to some of our competitors. Therefore, this assessment will represent customer satisfaction with our products and services. Another key task that I will carry out as a customer service manager will involve implementing newer business strategies, such as technological initiatives, in order to ensure smooth and better customer service relations. Introducing newer and better initiatives will further ensure that the customer service relations of our company are of higher quality, thus leading to retention of our esteemed customers and even attracting new ones from our rivals and business competitors. These are the key descriptions of the job I will be supposed to perform as a customer service manager within a multinational company ("Customer service manager: Job description", 2013).

According to the established rules and regulations, compensation benefits are always required in order to ensure the general well-being of employees in conducting their duties. These benefits vary greatly, from those that ensure the welfare of an employee when at work, whereas some focus on the welfare of an employee after he/she has left gainful employment. An organization can provide its employees with such benefits as health insurance that comprises vision and dental care, life insurance, as well as vacation, sick and personal leave benefits. Other benefits include: child care, retirement plan benefits, and even fitness benefits. Benefits and compensations that focus on employees whenever they are out of gainful employment include: unemployment benefits, as well as disability compensation and benefits (Massad, 2005).

For my dream job, becoming a customer service manager, the following compensation and benefits package will be the best suited:

Benefit Median Amount % of Total

Base Salary $200, 000 68. 03 %

Social Security $10, 000 3.40 %

Healthcare $6, 000 2.04 %

Pension $10, 000 3.40 %

Bonuses $30, 000 10.20 %

Long-term Incentives $5, 000 1.70 %

Disability $3, 000 1.02 %

Leave Benefits $30, 000 10.20 %

Total $294, 000 100 %

The above-mentioned compensation package is justified for those working as a customer service manager since the amount of work they are expected to do is of immense importance to the customer relations of a given organization. To come up with this projective compensation and benefits package, I have researched the compensation packages of some of the department heads and customer service managers of the leading multinational corporations, such as General Motors, Coca Cola, and Burger King. The customer service managers and other managers in these organizations have a related compensation and benefits package to the above-mentioned package that I have designed.


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There were a number of considerations that I observed while designing this particular compensation and benefits package. These considerations helped me to compute the figures that I believe my dream job should offer me as a customer service manager. The first aspect I considered was the roles and tasks a customer service manager does in any given organization, particular in multinational organizations. The second consideration was the importance of these roles for the success and stability of an organization, especially in contrast with other management roles in a company, such as human resource or marketing. The third consideration comprises the work skills and talents that a customer service manager has. Such skills and expertise should be rewarded with appropriate and commensurate benefits (Massad, 2005).

Consequently, while designing the compensation and benefit package, I considered the budgetary and financial resource allocation in most of the successful multinational corporations. This helped in determining how many of the companies and organizations budgetary allocations are set aside for the remuneration of management heads, such as a customer service manager. Furthermore, I took into consideration the current and near future economic and financial climate of the world economy as this can greatly influence the compensation and benefits packages that companies provide to their respective employees. Another consideration that I focused on when formulating the above package was the governmental rules and regulations, especially those that concern different remuneration and compensation issues. It is of immense importance because most managers in the corporate sector are frequently accused of greed both by citizens and government officials (Nazir, 2010).

Some governments impose the overstated levels of taxation on big earners in the corporate sector. Thus, all these considerations that involve the authorities were incorporated into coming up with this compensation and benefits package. In the organization in which I will work, the position of a customer service manager will be a sole position with unique job specifications of its kind. For this particular reason, the position would require a customized performance appraisal initiative in order to provide accurate and precise evaluation of my job performance. The performance appraisal is an essential component of the career development of an employee as the review of employees' job performance enables to identify the areas to work on, consequently developing his/her career. Therefore, it is also an important tool of evaluation for such managers of an organization as a customer service manager. This performance appraisal design will show that the customer service manager position is the sole position in the entire organization (Martin & Bartol, 1998).The following is a detailed sample of the performance appraisal:

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Performance Appraisal Form Contents

1. Manager Information includes: general details of the customer service manager, such as name, job title, date of appraisal, department, name of an appraiser etc.

2. Job Knowledge evaluates the level of technical competence, procedural knowledge, and general performance of the customer service managerial duties.

3. Competencies and Management Skills assess the manager's specific skills, such as financial, technical, communicative, analytical skills among others.

4. Quality of Work evaluates work output quality, effectiveness, accuracy, use of time, and thoroughness in job performance.

5. Quantity of Work assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of the work done in relation to the volume of output.

6. Communication Abilities evaluates the communication competencies of the customer service manager, both oral and written.

7. Interpersonal Relations comprises an evaluation of the relationship between the manager and the staff in terms of cooperation, consideration, and other qualities.

8. Teamwork provides an assessment of the levels of effective relationship of working and information sharing with members within/out the department.

9. Initiative looks at the innovativeness and work practice that are constructive to the entire department and the organization as a whole.

10. Decision Making and Problem Analysis focuses on evaluating the anticipation of problems, how they are analyzed and solved, immediacy of decision making etc.

11. Planning and Organizing assesses how a manager sets up objectives, plans and the use of company's resources, as well as change adaptation.

12. Staff Development focuses on how a manager facilitates advancement of his/her staff's careers and developments through guidance, mentorship, and training.

13. Overall Ratings and Comments represents the overall ratings from the above-mentioned parameters of evaluation, as well as the comments of both the customer service manager and the appraising officer.

The above-mentioned performance appraisal program is more detailed because of the unique position of the customer service manager in the company. While preparing the following program, many different considerations, including the general performance of managers in most multinational corporations, the relation between these performances and the success of the organizations and companies, should be paid attention to. Also, the internal feedback from staff workers in the department of the customer service who work directly under a customer service manager should be considered while preparing the performance appraisal. All the factors were considered in formulating the aforementioned performance appraisal in order to ensure a critical and accurate assessment and evaluation of the job performance of a customer service manager.

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