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Most individuals' first day in college is the most unpleasant day of their lives because they do not recognize what is in store or they simply would prefer not to experience a humiliating circumstance. However, for me it was the most energizing day of my life. First and foremost, I met new individuals who imparted my life. Second, it was an entirely new encounter for me in which triumph relied upon me. Third, it was the first day that I began contemplating something that I truly enjoyed.

During my first day in college, I met many individuals who were as excited as I was. I truly reveled in that day because I conversed with individuals who were going to study English with me, so we shared something common. My new acquaintances and I talked a great deal that day about the first things that crossed our psyches, and afterward we traded messages. I attempted to search for the individuals who were totally intrigued by the project, the ones who were 100% sure of what they were doing and that they were not going to drop out of the system in a couple of months.

I had never experienced an astonishing background in my life. Without a precedent for my whole life, I was feeling something truly new during my first day in college. Concentrating on English for me was the best decision because I realized that I intended to study dialects. I understood that succeeding depended solely on me; no one was going to be pushing me to study or to set up my homework. This new stage in my life was completely different for me and it was something that I needed to get used to.

Moreover, it was the first day I began contemplating over something that I truly preferred. I loved to study English at that time; I always said to myself that the first thing I was going to take in college would be English. Despite the fact I did not talk much English, I recall that in my first day I attempted to practice my English skills. However, as it could reasonably be expected, it was troublesome to discover the individual who set out to talk English. After some unsuccessful trials, I discovered the individual who took the danger and she could not have cared less about others; her name was Leticia. I realize that we committed loads of errors yet we could not have cared less, we barely tried our hardest and were equipped to see one another, which was the point.

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The following section is a detailed description of major events and issues that prevailed most during the first week in college. I also present the first lectures in the next section.

With a wistful and grievous melody playing on the bus, I started my ride to the university. I was truly anxious envisioning the looming minutes at the university because it was my euphoric first day at the university. I was overwhelmed with joy!

Lost in the stupor, I beat the jam and lost in the invigorating morning dew and greenery of course, with loads of challenges. I got a seat for myself. While the bus was still in dependability for few minutes, my eyes were meandering around the bazaar alongside loads of stuff drifting in the head. A scene of an old man carrying a baby on his back and attempting to cross the occupied road hypnotized me. Deep in the heart, I had a craving for missing my stupendous dad gravely who was then recovering in a rehabilitation center.

Reviewing those past minutes with dad giving me chocolates and cash, I moved towards the university. With all the conceptualizations in regards to the subject, I was going to study and shape my profession. I had finally persuaded my parents and now I was there before the university I had dreamt of.

My power and motivation recharged upon seeing the university before me. Finally, all the wails of anguish vanished and psyche was revived on discovering a wonderful and rich environment inviting me. It was difficult to realize that I was becoming a member of the university. I realized I was well-equipped to peruse the signs God left for me; I emulated them so as to discover my fortune , and my trepidation of disappointment had vanished. Inevitably, I put stock in my dream as well as ability to comprehend it.


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The admission process was a long and a hectic one. I had to stand in the queue for more than three hours. Finally, my time came. After going through a list of available courses, I settled on English Literature.

We started our classes almost immediately. All my comrades were tranquil. The lecturer talked for some time to us about our future studies; afterwards, we had a chance to introduce ourselves. I made two friends that day. Their names were Ann and Lily. We became great companions; we began talking and learnt even more about one another. Since we originated from diverse territories, we had a considerable measure of things to share. We used whatever was left of the day together until we had to go to our rooms.

I am continually recalling that day in light of the fact that I had the chance to meet numerous individuals. Furthermore, I met the closest companions that I have ever had.  I feel that it is common that, on the first day at university, students feel apprehensive, yet frequently troublesome encounters have upbeat endings. That is the reason why my first day in the

university was extremely critical.

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I encountered shrewd and animated young men. They were the senior comrades who had arrived sooner than required to make first years dolts of us. They welcomed newcomers with amusing comments. A large portion of us got anxious and this urged them to giggle; they teased and scorned us.

At 8.30 AM, all scholars entered their classrooms. It was my first day in school and it was going to be a new encounter for me. The lecturer of English came in and started to bring over admission numbers. It was rather diverting to hear young men reacting to their admission numbers in diverse ways. After that, the lecturer spoke about the school principles, regulations and laws. He exhorted us to uphold order at school. After that, he let us know about the English subject course plan. After that, it was time of a common unit; the lecturer of the unit additionally spoke about order and different things like participation in college activities. Every instructor addressed us about the significance of school training and the ways we could benefit from it.

My impressions of the first day at school are still vivid in my memory. I was euphoric, apprehensive and energized all the day.

I cannot completely express the thoughts and sentiments that rose in me that day. As I entered the doors of a brilliant and magnetic building, I encountered a bizarre sort of delight. Some part of my mind trusted that college ought to rouse me to things of higher value and that studying might provide me with opportunities and insight and make me a better and more intelligent person.

Another event worth noting about my first day in college is the fresher's night. Throughout all the nights, I got a ton of flyers tossed in my face. Sometimes I received sacks with free chocolate. Everything appeared exciting from the start, yet like the decayed emanation of tomatoes in my lobby passage, I figured out how to overlook them. To achieve a more fair-minded perspective of the town and all events taking place in it, I attempted to engage in various activities and communicate with different students.

Indeed, I will not overlook my first day in college because it was a standout amongst the most exceptional minutes of my life. On that day, I gained more experience and insight into what I had wanted to pursue, I made many new friends, I was in for the first day of my English program, and I understood that it was a goal I was going to achieve. Now that I am in my third year, when I look back I see that it was the best decision I had ever made. I have no second thoughts; these most recent three years have been the most wonderful and most awesome years of my life. Generally, it was the most exciting day of my life and the first week saw me adjust to a different environment far from home.

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