The Toronto Ultimate Club is one of the renowned nonprofit organizations in Toronto. It was created by a group of Frisbee players whose aim was to introduce the game in Toronto. Its secondary aim was to promote sports within the Toronto city and its environs. The club promotes sports through the establishment of tournaments in which various members take part. Currently, the manager of this club is known as Jason Robinson. Despite the growth of this club, Jason Robinson is adamant that the club has not hit its level best. In consequent, he has tried his best to improve the marketing strategy of the club. By marketing the Toronto Ultimate Club, he widens the chances of getting sponsors or donors or financiers. This discourse shall discern the major activities within this club with respect to its performance and weaknesses. More so, the discussion shall end with recommending the best ways that can make the club overcome the prevailing challenges and soar higher.

What is going "right" in this organization?

The fact that the organization can still manage to organize leagues and promote games is a clear indication that the Toronto Ultimate Club is doing a commendable work. There are so many nonprofit organizations that have been established and collapsed within a short time. In fact, some have never executed any of their mandates before collapsing. Looking at the Toronto Ultimate Club, one sees a positive trend since the club is already carrying out its required chores.

Another indicator that the organization is doing well is the presence of sponsors or financiers. Under normal circumstances, there cannot be a single sponsor if the nonprofit organization has failed to carry out its roles. In any case, each sponsor would not want to have their funds embezzled through non performance of the recipient. In that light, one would conclude that the club is doing well since it can attract and retain its donors.

Toronto Ultimate Club has got a good and shrewd manager. Jason Robinson has tried to ensure that membership of the club does not depreciate. Despite such an effort, he still wants to market the club so that it can rake in more sponsors, as well as members. Definitely, the manager of the club has got the club at heart. Such a desirable management would definitely make the club hit its best levels.

Padaki and Vaz (2005) aver that for any club to render its services perfectly there must be cohesion between the workers and the management. Given that Toronto Ultimate Club has stood the test of time, it is obvious that the management has done its best to maintain a dedicated staff. Among the efforts by the management is proper communication to staff members. The manager understands the needs of the staff. More so, the manager listens to staff members and discusses with them what is best for the club. With such a relationship, staff members feel to be part of the club. Ultimately, they give their best towards growth and development of the Toronto Ultimate Club.

Another aspect indicating a positive trend within Toronto Ultimate Club is the amazing performance by the club. In a number of competitions and leagues, the club has waged a tough competition to its opponents to the level of snatching victory. Apart from that, the club has nurtured many talents. It is on record that most of the Toronto sports men passed through Toronto Ultimate Club. This is unquestionably laudable.

Challenges Facing the Club

Despite a positive trend taken by the club, Jason Robinson agrees that the club has faced numerous challenges. For instance, he points out competition from other clubs. This has really pegged down the growth of the Toronto Ultimate Club. He attributes this to the entry of profit making clubs in the market. Such clubs have got internal sources of funds to run the club. As a result, they do not face any financial constraint. This makes them run the organization effectively, giving better results than the nonprofit organization. With such effects, they take the share of funds that donors would have given to the nonprofit organization. In any case, donors would want to finance those clubs that are doing better as opposed to the struggling ones. In the long run, Jason avers that the nonprofit organization could lose aids that promote the club.

Decentralization of the club activities has served as a setback to the main club. As time went on, the club expanded, and it was required to decentralize its events across the city. Unfortunately, as this was executed, managements of subsidiary clubs came up with new rules that were totally different from the rules of the mother club. By consequent, TUC lost its influence to such subsidiary clubs. Cases of cession have become rampant due to the desire for independence by subsidiary clubs. Ultimately, the main goal of the TUC has been watered down due to such divisions.

As the city expanded, alternatives to Frisbees were introduced. For instance, pools, biking routes and parks were developed within the city. Health and fitness clubs sprouted and mushroomed in the city. This meant that attention was divided since people could exercise through any of the aforementioned institutions. Such indirect competitions rendered the Toronto Ultimate Club unnecessary. At the end of it all, the manager recorded a decrease of membership.

In the year 2008, the United States of America was faced with an unprecedented recession. Being a reliant to the United States, Canada was equally affected. This economy setback caused a decline of Frisbee players since people had no money to facilitate regular visits to the club. Hence, recession played an integral role in cutting down club membership.

Recommendations to the Toronto Ultimate Club Management

Even though The Toronto Ultimate Club has faced a number of challenges it is still the best. The fact that it has withstood the 34 year storms and torrents, it can still recover if a number of things are embraced by the management. The organization can ward off competition from upcoming physical health facilities by improving its services (Seidner et al, 2013). For instance, the club should employ qualified staff who have provided top notch services before. This is the only viable way to generate better results within The Toronto Ultimate Club. With such an initiative, club membership shall automatically surge.

The cession problem can be solved by imposing strict rules to subsidiary clubs. The constitution of the club, for instance, should be amended to bar subsidiary clubs from creating their own rules. As if that is not enough, stiff penalties should be imposed to such clubs to curb the rising cases of break-away. With regards to donors, it is advisable that the club management comes up with various ways of advertising the club. Such means could be social media. The club should be exposed to numerous people. More so, let the club name be associated with the club records while advertising. This is a feasible strategy that can raise the eyebrows of potential sponsors and donors.

Finally, it is upon the management to remunerate its staff accordingly. A well paid staff shall execute its duties with the required zeal. In the long run, positive results shall emanate from such a staff. This further leads to better performances of The Toronto Ultimate Club.