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Unlike people who learn how to love and be compassionate, my gifts are natural and I was born the way I am. Thus, the gifts I offer to the world are love, care and compassion. In return, I hope to receive trustworthy friends, a good family, and contentment in order to be happy.

On matters of love, I inherited a loving heart from my mother who was had a sincere and caring attitude to anyone around at the same time. Her inspiring behavior strengthened what was inside me as I learned that love is a binding factor since it joins families, friends and society together. Thus, there must be someone willing to show others that it is only through love that we will live peacefully and happily. For love to be a binding factor, compassion has to be present. People should reveal kindness to others because the lack of love results from being mean. Since I am compassionate and full of love, I am willing to give others unconditional love and teach them how to respect and appreciate one another. I also wish to be a caring individual and demonstrate kindness to all people.

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In addition to love and compassion, I like peace. From the time I was a child, I did not like to fight with others. Besides, I have an inward peace that is hard to distort or to take away from me. I understand that this feature must come from within ourselves and then illuminate to other people. Since I would like others to experience the peace in me, I will try to maintain this characteristic in relationships with persons around. I will also teach others the benefits of establishing peace in the world.

By doing all these things, I hope to receive trustworthy friends, a good family, and contentment. After seeing my caring and loving attitude, my friends and family will be compelled to share their love and compassion with me. A combination of these factors will ultimately lead to contentment in my life.

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In conclusion, in a world that lacks peace, love and compassion, there must be someone who is willing to give these things for free. Since there is a reward for everything done in good faith, a person who gives these things is likely to receive much from the world. Thus, by giving the peace, love and compassion to the world, I am hopeful that I will receive trustworthy friends, a loving family and contentment in life.

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