Progressive Delivery

If you order a large paper of 20+ double-spaced pages or 10+ single-spaced pages long and would like to monitor the writing process to make sure each section is written duly, pay extra 15% to the total order price and enjoy progressive delivery service.

Advantages of Progressive Delivery:

  1. The service enables you to receive your paper in parts/ sections and thus provide a feedback on each of them before your assigned writer uploads the final paper.
  2. Instead of just 2 days of free revision, you get the whole of 30 days. We realize that a large paper will require a more thorough and detailed approach towards proper revision.
  3. You will also get custom service of personal manager help, wherein you will always be able to get in touch with your manager in case you need to get in touch with the writer, explain some remarks to him/ her or just get the message across.
  4. Your paper will be written by one of the company's top writers and will further be edited and proofread by one of the most expert editors.

Receiving Drafts

The number of drafts you will receive during the process of writing totally depends on how much time you can give for order completion. Look through the following table and get informed about the draft schedule:

Paper urgency Number of drafts How much is written? Draft Delivery
0-4 days One 25% of the required paper content When 50% of the deadline has passed
5-11 days Two drafts in total 1st draft – 25%;

2nd draft – 50% of the total paper content

1st draft - 25% after the start of the deadline;

2nd draft –50% after the start of the deadline

12+ … days Three drafts 1st draft – 25% of the required paper volume;

2nd draft – 50%;

3rd draft – 75%

1st draft – sent after 25% of the deadline is over;

2nd draft – after 50%;

3rd draft – after 75%

* In case you want to compose an individual plan regarding draft delivery, you may ask your personal manager about your preferences and see whether something can be done about it. If the order has some specific instructions or more drafts are required throughout the paper completion process, you are free to discuss this matter.

Get Extra-Paid Services for Short Papers

  1. Extended Revision

    Pay extra and get enough time to send a thorough and detailed revision request. Often it takes more than two days for your professor to send a detailed feedback on your paper, therefore we have decided to offer extended revision service, which grants you an opportunity to send a free revision request within 14 days after the deadline expiration instead of just 2 regular days.

  2. Paper Summary

    Get your paper summarized in one page (=300 words). The core points will be succinctly outlined and you will be able to present findings or report on your main discussion points.

  3. Draft

    Receive a draft after 50% of the deadline is over. A 1-page draft contains 300 words for a double-spaced paper and 600 words for a single-spaced paper