Progressive Delivery

What is progressive delivery?

It is a unique service that our company offers for those who order complex and long (more than 10 pages single spacing or 20 pages double spacing) papers.

Benefits You Get from the Service:

  • Track the process of writing from the very beginning to the very end. Before the final deadline, you will receive drafts (parts of the paper) for your approval and comments.
  • Request for revision within 30 days for absolutely no charge, while a typical order implies having a 2-day period for a free revision.
  • Get a top writer and the most proficient editor assigned to the paper.
  • Communicate with the writer efficiently and fast with the monitoring of the overall writing process by a personal manager.

How do you get the drafts*?

  • urgency up to 4 days

    The first draft is sent before when half of the deadline of the order expires (for instance, an order that has 4 days implies sending the first draft in 2-day time). The customer receives one-fourth of the paper (for example, a 20-page order implies sending a 5-page draft to the customer).

  • urgency from 5 to 11 days

    The customer gets two drafts: the first is sent with 25% of volume when 25 % of the deadline is over, and the second draft is sent with 50% of the order's volume when half of the deadline is over.

  • urgency from 12 days

    The customer gets three drafts in the correspondent volume of 25%, 50%, and 75% of the complete paper within 25%, 50%, 75% of the deadline.

How much does it cost? The service requires +15% of the amount of the order.

* The customer can request some changes in the plan and schedule of receiving the paper. There is an option of devising an individual plan on the basis of the instructions and customer's special preferences. All details and procedures are discussed with the order manager.

1-Page Paper Summary

What is a paper summary? It is an additional service that ensures getting a briefly summarized content of the paper in a one-page document (300 words). The customers opt for this service to get a thorough understanding of the main points, especially if they are going to discuss the research topic live.

Draft of the Paper

What does the customer receive if they order a draft service? In a double-spaced paper, the customer receives 300 words which make up a one-page draft after half of the deadline expires. In a single-spaced paper, the draft contains 600 words provided after 50 % of the deadline expiry. For instance, a draft is sent in 1 day if the urgency of the order is 2 days.

Extended Revision

What is a guaranteed period for free revision? Typically, the company offers the service of free revision within 48 hours after the paper is delivered. However, it is possible to prolong this time up to 14 days using the option of extended revision service.