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If you have already completed your dissertation or thesis, then you are evidently looking for only highly professional and premium thesis and dissertation proofreading services? It is obvious that it is almost impossible to be excellent at everything. For instance, if you have easily managed to cope with the content of your dissertation or thesis or lab experiments, you could face plenty of problems with its formatting, referencing, proofreading and editing, as well as with filling out a great number of the documents related to your work, and arranging other things. Definitely, you may be frustrated, irritated or nervous, as you would wish that each minute detail be of superb quality only. It is evident that you would like to do your best so that your professor, supervisor or mentor, as well as the committee will praise and highly evaluate your piece of writing, either dissertation or thesis, as well as your efforts, skills, abilities, and knowledge.

The Importance of Proofreading your Dissertation

Your dissertation or thesis is the outstanding result of a great number of sleepless nights, many days or even months of thorough and scrupulous search, research, analysis, reading, comparison, multiple revisions, as well as writing and rewriting. These two types of academic writing - a dissertation or a thesis - are regarded as the most significant piece of your hard work, persistence, and dedication to your future qualification, no matter whether it is a Bachelor's, Master's or Ph.D. degree.

It is understandable that you are very eager to have the best-written, original and creative dissertation or thesis of the highest quality only. While working on your academic writing, you should also consider that not only the content of your dissertation or thesiss must be of high quality but also the way on how it is presented. Thus, you should not underestimate the importance of proofreading your dissertation or thesis once it is completed. In order to make all your wishes come true, you should refer to some extra help, support, and guidance. Want to find out how you can do this? Well, the easiest option is to search for our online academic writing company and order either our PhD thesis proofreading, PhD dissertation proofreading, or Bachelor / Master thesis / dissertation proofreading services, or you can follow our practical tips and pieces of advice provided by our experienced professionals in this article.

The most significant things that you can have a close look at so as to make sure that your academic piece of writing - a thesis or a dissertation - is of the highest quality it could possibly ever be.

Have enough time

Once you manage to finalize your dissertation or thesis, try giving yourself a short break, for instance, for a few weeks or days. Then, after having some rest, you can commence proofreading PhD, master, or bachelor piece of writing. Such a rest can give your brain the chance simply to forget or get out of your mind those things that you worked on for a long period of time, and reduce the risk of your awaiting what you are planning to read, rather than what things are already on paper.

In case you make up your mind to utilize our dissertation proofreading services provided by our experienced and highly qualified proofreaders or editors, do not postpone this until the last moment! It is worth stressing that our professionals need some time to thoroughly proofread and edit your dissertation or thesis. For example, if you have a 100-pages dissertation in Plasma Physics, you ought to clearly comprehend that it could not be edited or proofread in three days. Then, it implies that our expert should be a machince that is supposed to work on editing or proofreading of your writing for 24 hours without a break for three days. In such a situation, the questions arise: "How much would you need if you were an editor? Is it possible to guarantee that your work is of superb quality?" The answers are evident - of course, NOT. Summing the above stated, do not expect those things from other people that you cannot do yourself. Your key priority should be QUALITY only.

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Make emphasis on structure

You should always have a close and precise look at the structure of your dissertation or thesis. Make sure that there are such essential structural parts as the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. You should take into consideration whether there is a logical and strong progression through all the parts, sections, or subsections of your work. Make sure that the flow of the arguments or viewpoints presentation is clear, coherent, and understandable. Be very careful when you copy and paste different pieces of information. Make sure that all of them are referenced and cited according to the set requirements and standards of academic writing.

Formatting peculiarities

Make sure that each and every heading and subheading is styled and formatted accordingly. For instance, you can use either title case or sentence case? "What is the difference?" you may ask. In case you have any questions, you can visit the website of the American Psychological Association, which is devoted to the APA style peculiar features, or you can ask our online academic writing company for guidance and assistance with formatting your dissertation or thesis. Take into account that there are a huge number of formatting styles, such as MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, etc.


Have a look at your work and answer the following questions: "Are you are 100% sure of how capitals, numbers, italics or hyphenation are used in it?", "What variant of English are you applying American or English?" If you hesitate to give clear answers, then you have got into a big trouble. In order to ensure consistency, you are recommended to prepare a style sheet of paper for your work when you proceed. It is regarded as one of the simplest ways that could be applied to record your ideas or decisions concerning all the areas of significance, which you can always refer to in case there is a necessity. There are also a great number of software that can help with the above-problems, but the point is that not all errors can be corrected by machines. Thus, in order not to waste your time and efforts, why not refer to the best professionals in the industry of academic writing, editing, and proofreading?

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation

As already mentioned, the application of grammar and spelling software engines or checkers does not guarantee there will no mistakes left in your piece of writing. In the majority of cases, they correct only the frequently made or evident errors, but many other mistakes are left uncorrected or simply missed. According to statistics, the corrected mistakes are, in a great number of cases, wrong. It is worth stressing that checkers or mistakes-searching software does not see the differences between absolute homonyms, homophones, and homographs. For instance, if you use "sight" instead of "site" or "write (verb)" instead of "right (noun)," these words will be treated as correct ones by software or a checker.

There are various useful and helpful techniques that can assist you in looking at your piece of work differently and identify the mistakes that you could miss under other circumstances, for example, writing on paper, reading your work aloud, etc.

Acronyms and abbreviations

If you apply any of the above mentioned in your academic piece of writing, the most important thing to do is to write each of these words out in the full form at their first employment and then utilize either an acronym or an abbreviation after it, for instance, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), or the World Health Organization (WHO).

You can provide a list of all the acronyms and abbreviations used in your work either at its beginning or at end, considering the requirements of your educational institution, as well as the style of formatting. You should consider that the following list must not be included into the word count of your work.


If you refer to the studies, researches, or worked completed by other scholars or researchers and use them in your academic piece of writing but fail to give them certain acknowledgement, such an act is considered to be plagiarism. By doing so, you simply use the knowledge and wisdom of other people and present them as your own, which is definitely not so. Plagiarism is not limited to the application of text only, but it is also referred to all the images, charts, tables, graphs, websites, etc. Even you use any piece of information or material from the unpublished source; it should be fully referenced in your work.

All the universities and colleges worldwide check each piece of writing for plagiarism by means of plagiarism searching software; Turnitin is one of the frequently utilized ones. Experienced examiners can easily recognize a slight hint of plagiarized content when they have a close look at the work. Nowadays, plagiarism is treated very seriously by all educational institutions, and the punishment can be either a disciplinary offence or a complete withdrawal from a college or a university. Consider whether it is worth doing this.

System of referencing

Check for several times what system of referencing is supposed to be used by you. The choice of the system of referencing usually depends on the requirements of the educational institutions or even the departments within it. There are such frequently applied as:

  • The author / date system (for instance, Harvard is referred to it) utilizes such in-text citations as (Smith 2018) with the whole reference, which is provided in the bibliography or reference list. Consider that all sources used should be alphabetically arranged.
  • The short / title system utilizes a special note marker within the text and provides the whole reference either in the footnote or the endnote. In case the title is applied again, a novel note number is to be inserted into the text, but a shorter title version is indicated. The following system is frequently employed in the humanities.
  • The Numbering system (for instance, Vancouver) is referred to author / number referencing. It is usually applied in such fields as Science, Engineering, Medicine, and Technology.

Final checking

In order to check each aspect of your work accordingly, you do the following things:

Ask for writing help and support

It is advised to refer to a professional or expert who will read your dissertation or thesis. Such a specialist can assist in proofreading master thesis or Ph.D. dissertation. This expert can correct your mistakes and make the whole work flawless and ideal. He or she can notice a minute error made by you as he / she is highly educated and well trained to do such work in the best way possible. Thus, if you are brooding on this problem - Who can proofread and edit my work? Why not consider choosing our superior thesis and dissertation proofreading services, as well as highly qualified and sophisticated proofreaders and editors?

We assure you that you will never regret that you decide to use our professional assistance and support. Our online academic writing company will do our best to find you a highly qualified editor or proofreader who is not only excellent at editing or proofreading, but who is also well educated in the field of science you are majoring in. Thus, if you make up your mind to choose our thesis and dissertation proofreading services, you will have two specialists in one - a professional in proofreading and editing and an expert in the required field of science at the same price. Is not this perspective an amazing one?

Do not lose your chance to use our high-qiality and premium thesis and dissertation proofreading services right now!

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