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What are "Multiple Choice Questions"?

Multiple Choice Questions are commonly found on assignments and tests in which the student must choose the correct answer from the list of possible choices. Do you need help with this?

Word Count Rule: Multiple choice questions are always calculated in accordance with the "5 questions per page" rule.

What is an "Online Test"?

An online test is like any other type of exam except that, unlike a test taken in a classroom involving a pencil and paper, an online test is accessed via your college / university / high school's web portal. We can do that.

Word Count Rule: The price for each online test or quiz is calculated considering the so called "5 questions per page" rule.

What are "Questions Answers"?

This piece of writing involves answering the questions. Every answer should be completed in a paragraph form. It is usually not necessarily to include an introduction and conclusion. We are here to answer all your questions!

Word Count Rule: 600 words per page (single spacing) and 300 words per page (double spacing).

Structure & Organization (for open-ended questions / full answers):

Title Page







3. Question.


Bibliography / List of References or Works Cited

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How Much Does It Cost?

Multiple Choise
1 page - 300 words
11,99 USD
Online Quize/Test
1 page - 6 hours
32,99 USD
1 page - 300 words
11,99 USD

Specific Features of a Short Questions Essay Assignment

  1. The essay should comprise both practical and theoretical parts. In particular, your assignment is aimed providing not only some combination of theoretical material but also some examples from your own experience.
  2. You ought to ensure that the supporting and reliable pieces of evidence that you present in your essay are taken from reputable, credible and contemporary sources (ideally they should be peer-reviewed).
  3. The short question answers should be original, a bit creative, and clear.
  4. The answers provided have to be analytical, which implies that when dealing with some controversial or debatable questions, you should analyze both cons and pros to the set problem and be very argumentative and firm in your position reflected in your answer.


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