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Thesis proposal aims at showing that:

  1. the topic of the thesis addresses a significant problem;
  2. a plan for collecting data to help solve the problem is organized;
  3. methods for making data analysis have been chosen and are suitable to the data set.

If you manage to summarize these points clearly in your thesis proposal, you will easily focus on your research topic and finish it rapidly. Another aim of the proposal is to teach you the art of proposal writing. Irrespective of your future career, be it academia or industry, it will require you to possess these skills in some form.

A well-defined thesis proposal contains abstract details of issues that are discussed in the paper, including the scientific value of your research. Presented as both a written report and seminar, your proposal will be reviewed by a committee. It will decide whether your topic is relevant to the field and determine the appropriateness of the subject.


The structure of a thesis proposal may be simple; however, a large amount of information has to be included in it. The proposal should not be mistakenly perceived by students as a commitment towards finishing the thesis. It only acts as a map to the content in thesis project. It does not provide the reader with exact parameters and values. It is supposed to make the reader gauge the direction of the solution for the research problem and show how far they have gone in designing methodological approaches to be able to undertake the thesis project. Moreover, the students are to prove their ability to transform the ideas into meaningful writing and to defend them orally.

How to make sure that the committee will approve the project you have been working on so hard? The topic chosen and researched, thesis statement written - of course it is highly undesirable to start everything from the very beginning. If you do not want to waste your time and spend energy get an excellent thesis proposal from real professionals.

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