How to Write Discussion Section of Dissertation

A discussion section of dissertation is considered one of the most meaningful units of the paper which greatly influences your grade. That is why you should make every effort to produce this part in the right way. In this section, you need to:

  • critically analyze your research,
  • state the reasons for adopting specific research methods,
  • decipher your findings,
  • respond to the posed research question.

What Is the Core of a Discussion?

A lot of students do not know what to write in discussion section of dissertation. In this part of your work, you need to present the results of your research. It is necessary to give readers detailed information about the issue you are examining.

Moreover, in this section, you have to perform a thorough analysis of the way you have examined the subject. Explain how the outcome of your research can influence the development of a specific field. Talk about the restrictions your research may impose and offer the recommendations for advanced study. This part has to be written in the present tense.

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Analyzing the Findings

When writing the dissertation discussion, you need to properly explain why your research is valid. Afterwards, evaluate the obtained results and state whether you are satisfied with the done work. In the process of evaluating the research outcome, it is necessary to illustrate how it helps examine the research question and achieve the goals set in the introductory paragraph. What is more, you should explain whether your investigation supports the existing opinion about the matter or discloses it from a new perspective. Specify precisely what discovery you have made.

Restrictions of Your Study

The restrictions of your analysis have to be described in a new paragraph of your discussion. Say what you have found out after analyzing your results. Your comments can be written in the form of advice.

If you have encountered any obstacles in the course of research, you should also describe it in your discussion. Explain how the difficulties you have faced influenced the achieved results and what measures should be taken to overcome the problems in the future. Mind that it is not worth describing all the mistakes you have made while examining the subject, as readers may think that your study is not profound enough.

Suggestions for Further Study

Your discussion part should end with a set of recommendations for investigating the issue in the future. How can other academicians benefit from your study? Be specific and put forward concrete ideas.

Note that you should not create a long list of points that can be still highlighted within your research. Your task is just to give useful advice on what else can be done within the limits of the undertaken study.

Summarizing Points:

  • Confirm the accuracy of your study.
  • Evaluate and interpret the obtained results.
  • Present the restrictions of your research.
  • State whether you are satisfied with the research outcome.
  • Discuss the effect the findings may produce.
  • Give recommendations for further research.

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