The discussion section of your dissertation is one of the most important parts of the project. It is worth the most marks, thus, you will be forced to spend the most time on this bit. This is where, among other things, you are supposed to:

  • critically evaluate your study
  • explain your approach,
  • interpret your results,
  • and give an answer to your research question.

The discussion is the only section of your dissertation where you get to make your voice heard. You are not supposed to describe your results to the audience - you are to explain them. Your interpretation of the results has to be plausible and very accurate. What is also essential for the discussion section writing is a critical analysis of the work, acknowledgement of the shortcoming of your study and explanation of how to improve the work.

Since the discussion section is the longest part of your dissertation it would be useful to use sub-headings to help the readers navigate the text.

In discussion writing, your attitude should be neutral and you should evaluate your own suggestions. Discussion writing should have references to the literature review page and to the theoretical base which you have already described and evaluated. The results should be well-organized and compiled in such a way to provide clear understanding to the audience.

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