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From their high school, students should demonstrate their ability to put their thoughts and insights on paper. Nevertheless, only a small part of them can write engaging, interesting, and catchy papers. A persuasive essay is one of the common tasks in students` academic curriculum that should help them express their opinions in a clear and accurate way. No matter what subject you are studying, you will need to create a persuasive essay supporting your claims with sufficient evidence. To get a good grade for this paper, you will need to develop your arguments in a logical order paying attention to the requirements indicated by your professor.

A persuasive essay is an academic paper that aims to convince the reader of a specific idea with the help of strong arguments. In such an essay, you are able to express your viewpoint regarding some controversial problem or issue. The main difference between an argumentative essay and a persuasive one is that an argumentative essay is based solely on credible facts, whereas a persuasive essay often appeals to the readers` emotions.

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Persuasive essays should contain these elements:

The Introductory Section

  1. Background or historical information to give the topic or argument context and to make readers familiar with the essay’s content. Provide definitions – explain any specific terms readers may be unfamiliar with or find unusual.
  2. Create a “hook” to make the opening sentence interesting.
  3. Develop a thesis – a concise and clear statement setting out the paper’s primary argument. A thesis also serves as a type of roadmap to guide readers through the remainder of the essay and give them a general feeling about the direction the argument will take.

The Content for Each of the Essay’s Body Paragraphs

  1. Devote each paragraph to a single point that supports the main thesis
  2. Create topic sentences for each paragraph – these sentences set out the key point or idea for that paragraph
  3. Link each idea back to the thesis in a way that supports it
  4. Provide evidence – this is information from reliable external sources (as opposed to the writer’s personal opinion) that elaborates on and supports the paragraph’s central idea
  5. Provide analysis – demonstrate how evidence and/or examples support and help develop an argument.

The Concluding Section

    1. Tie all content up – briefly summarize all main points
    2. Establish the significance of the work i.e. the “what or why does it matter” question (see relevant section on this)
    3. Leave readers with something to think about as a final bonus.
    4. If all this seems too difficult, order high-quality persuasive essays from!

Still Have Questions?

If you are not sure if your decision to order persuasive essay writing assistance is a good idea, you need to imagine the entire writing process from the first until the last stage. First, you will need to study the professor's guidelines thoroughly and select an appropriate subject for your essay. Then, you will need to carry out in-depth research and find out the arguments that will be developed in your paper. To facilitate the writing process, you will need to create an outline. Then, you will need to write your essay following the latest writing standards and conventions. Finally, you should review your essay to make sure it is free from flaws and inconsistencies. If you are afraid that you will not be able to put the necessary amount of time and effort to write your paper, you should contact us with the words "please, write my persuasive essay for me", and we will do the rest.

Also, we provide our customers with a great number of other services such as editing, proofreading, formatting, and many others. If you want us to review your essay and improve it on different layers, you can order our editing help. This way, you can be sure that you will submit a first-class essay that will bring you the anticipated outcome.

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