All students face this specific type of writing. While some torture the search engine for compare and contrast essay examples, others try to deal with this task on their own. The topic depends on the subject and academic level, however, in most cases your professor will provide a clear outline for an essay you are expected to write.

Choose a Topic

If you are asked to come up with the topic, choose something you have strong feeling or opinions about and can argue about. It will make your writing process less boring and the outcome more persuasive, As a part of your writing, you will have to address both similarities and differences, so make sure to choose your objects respectively. Brainstorm your topic properly to have as many aspects to work with as possible and organize these ideas into an outline.

Composing a Compare and Contrast Essay

Once you have your outline ready, you can begin spreading ideas you have brainstormed into separate paragraphs. There is no need to say that the structure will be similar to most of the essays, including an introductory paragraph, main part, and conclusion.

An introductory paragraph will introduce the compared and contrasted object, providing the thesis statement and explaining the author's point of view.

Body paragraphs will focus on of the three approaches: point-by-point, block or compare then contrast. Depending on the method you decide to use, you will have either two big paragraphs for comparing then contrast, 2 paragraphs for block methods comparing 2 objects separately, or 3 to 5 paragraphs for point by point.

The final paragraph has to conclude the things discussed in the essay and restate your thesis statement. Make sure your conclusion adds up to your essay and does not contradict it.

Many students are confused by this type of writing because of its title. If you are asked to compare things, you have to look for similar aspects, whereas contrast means you are supposed to focus on distinctions. This means, that you will have to find the right balance, however, there are two very likely outcomes:

  • either the differences will outweigh the similarities or,

  • affinities will overshadow the distinctions.

It does not really matter which way you will choose, as long it is logical and based on facts. After you have finished your writing, make sure to review it properly. Avoid any negative or disparaging language even if you strongly believe one thing is better than another. Proofread your paper carefully, paying attention to both style and grammar.

Five Strong Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

While the list may be very long, we would like to suggest some of the topics we find interesting and controversial enough to create a good essay:

  1. iPhone X vs Samsung S8 what flagman smartphone is more successful?

  2. Would you better trust your health to the conventional doctor or an alternative practitioner?

  3. What is the difference between leader and boos?

  4. Compare and contrast the success stories of the Beatles and Queen.

  5. The presidency of Nixon and Trump

A successful compare and contrast essay depends on your topic and the arguments you include. Make it logical rather than emotional, find the right evidence to support your thesis and of course choose some harsh and controversial topic.

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Free Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

Comparison of Phaedra and Meursault in Expressing Passion

Passion is considered a strong and an uncontrollable emotional condition expressed by individuals. It does not necessarily have to be a positive expression such as love or desire. It could take a negative turn to express hate or anger in the society. Meursault and Phaedra are characters who both express the presence of passion in their worlds (Homer 2014 and Camus 2014).

Comparison Between "The Diamond Necklace" and "How I Met My Husband"

"The Diamond Necklace" by Henri Rene Albert Guy de Maupassant was firstly printed in the Parisian Newspaper in 1884. The story became popular very fast and later became a part of his short-story collection "Tales of Day and Night".

Difference Between NCAA and NAIA

Two associations that form the governing body of intercollegiate athletics in the United States are the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) (Parent & Smith-Swan, 2013; Fiore, 2009). The main goal of NAIA is organizing college and university athletic and sport programs.

Reading and Writing Strategies

Most individuals engage in reading as part of their jobs and as a way of developing their skills. Whether the materials being read are trade journals, project documents, business books, eBooks, or blogs, the purpose of reading is to synthesize and internalize the content.

Problems with Education from Different Timeline Perspectives

In recent decades, the approach to the higher education in America has significantly changed. Students are put in the conditions of a tremendous demand for high level of knowledge and expertise in the American society, and they do everything possible to achieve the best grades in the educational evaluation.

"Neat People vs Sloppy People" and "Batting Clean-up and Striking Out" Analysis Essay

In the essays, Neat People vs. Sloppy People by Suzanne Britt, and Batting Clean-up and Striking Out by Dave Barry, both authors focus on different perspectives of dealing with a mess.