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Example of a Good Strategy - IKEA

Many people strive for success nowadays. Everybody wants to be a winner, to be successful and to be rich. Therefore, people are in constant search of the key of achieving success. Some of them try to find a well-paid job and be successfully employed while others believe that they can start their own business and become employers to other people. Despite the positions, both employers and employees face the problem of effective working process. Contemporary top leading companies solve that problem by applying specific business strategies.

Long Haul Flights

In aviation, the terms long-haul and ultra long-haul flights are closely related terms, except that the latter involves flights over longer distances than the former. Besides, different sets of aircrafts are used in each case. These two kinds of flights may be attributed to the non-stop flights over long distances by wide-body aircrafts such as the Boeing 777, Boeing 767, Air Bus A 330 and Air Bus 380, just to mention as examples. The environment in which theses long-haul flights take place may be divided into three categories.

Successful Leaders not Limited by Leadership Styles

Leadership style denotes the actions and behaviors exhibited by leaders in order to attain desired outcomes. In some instances, the leadership style adopted...