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Learning how to behave in class is crucial for any student. There are also certain tips for students to understand the lectures. In addition, a good teacher's attitude towards a student will facilitate his or her learning process.

First of all, a student should realize that all subjects are of great importance. Sometimes a student thinks that he or she will never use the knowledge of a particular subject in the future. Consequently, he or she does not understand why there is a necessity to devote time to learning this or that information. However, even if a person will not use some information in the future career, he or she may need it any time during the conversation with other people. Moreover, a person may shape certain ideas with the help of the information obtained. Thus, any subject may be of service to a person.

Although it is rather difficult to achieve, the student should learn how to be fond of all subjects. Firstly, when a person chooses a college or university, this choice should result from careful consideration. Obviously, if a person is not good at mathematics, then he or she will probably never like this subject. Secondly, if a student realizes that the subjects will be extremely useful for the future profession, it will be not so difficult for him or her to be interested in learning them.

Students often make a mistake when they allow their attitude towards the teacher to influence how they treat the subject. The university is not the place for personal attitudes. Teachers are human beings and it is natural that they may have views or habits that not all students tolerate. A student should treat studies as a job; a person does not quit a well-paid job even if he or she does not like the manager.

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Another important step to succeeding in a particular subject is to stay in a good mood while attending classes. In order to be cheered up, it is advisable for a person to sleep well. If a student is tired, he or she will never care what the teacher is talking about. If a student is disturbed by some thoughts, he or she may have a headache while receiving a huge amount of information during a lecture. As a result, the student will not remember anything.

Students often do not know how to behave in class. There are certain rules that will help the student to receive good grades. A student should get used to sitting far from his or her friends. It is better to communicate with them during the break instead of trying to discuss something with them during the class. Firstly, talking with friends will not let a student concentrate. Secondly, whispering will distract other students. Lastly, the teacher will never appreciate that somebody interrupts him or her.

A student should not use the telephone during classes in order to stay focused. Switching the sound off is the first thing for a student to do before the class starts. If somebody calls a person, it draws the attention of all people in the class, including the lecturer, of course. A lecturer may consider such student absent-minded, ill-mannered or even disrespectful. As a result, phone ringing may spoil a student's reputation without the possibility to restore it. It is also not advisable to look at the screen every five minutes to see how much time is left till lecture ends. It will be more ethical to keep the telephone in a pocket or bag.

It is a great idea for a student to sit not far from the lecturer. Thus, it will be easier for a student to receive the information. Moreover, even if a student is not good at a particular subject, if the teacher sees that he or she does not hide far away, the teacher will think that this student is willing-minded.


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A student should always bring all the things required for the class. It is better to prepare these things in the evening because a person may forget something in a rush in the morning. It is better to have a spare pen or pencil because if a student needs another pen in the middle of the lecture, he or she will have to ask somebody for it, and, therefore, distract that person and the lecturer as well.

There are pieces of advice that students should follow to understand lectures. It is significant for a student to learn how to concentrate during classes. If a student thinks about the unanswered love, he or she will not manage to digest the material. Moreover, a student may not remember a single word after the lecture because his or her mind was somewhere else. That is why it is significant to leave all problems and concerns outside the class.

In order to understand lectures, students should write notes. There is no necessity in writing down every single word that the teacher says. A student should differentiate which facts he or she can remember, and which ones it is better to write down. For instance, when the teacher speaks about the causes of some phenomenon, it is advisable to write down the list of the causes and listen attentively to the explanations of each one.

When the teacher explains something, it is crucial to look at the teacher in order to better digest the information. It is also significant for students not to hold a pen while listening because in this case, the brain will be distracted by one more activity and the productivity of its work will be lower.

When a student writes notes, it is advisable to highlight titles and important ideas of the topic. Thus, the notes will look neat and it will be easier to read them and understand. Moreover, placing emphasis on particular ideas during the lecture will help the student to consider the information carefully during the lecture.

Sometimes students do not understand certain facts. Not to have troubles with the subject during the exam, it is advisable to write questions. It is clear that interrupting the lecturer with questions is not ethical, that is why a student may mark problematic facts. After the lecture, a student may either ask the teacher to clarify the meaning or search for an answer on the web.

Listening attentively to the lecture and making notes is not enough. It is required to reread the notes at home. A person memorizes information in several stages. If a person attends the lecture, he or she will remember certain facts for several days only. However, if to review the notes, a person will remember them for a longer time.

Many students wonder how to make the teacher like them. Some teachers do not have the same treatment to all students. Students notice that some of their group-mates are teachers' pets, even if they do not have only excellent grades. One of the ways to please the teacher is to smile and be positive. Any person will be glad to see that students are happy to attend his or her classes. Alternatively, the look on a student's face as if he or she treats the subject as capital punishment will make any teacher frustrated.

A teacher will be satisfied to see that a student performs all tasks in time. Otherwise, a teacher may think that a student does not take the subject seriously, but has many other more important things to do. Nobody will appreciate such treatment.

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A student should let the teacher know that he or she is fond of the subject and tries to look into the matter of the information received. Thus, a student should not be shy to ask questions. It is also essential to take part in all debates. Teachers value students who are active during the class. If a student has an opinion concerning some topic, he or she should always share it with others, even if this opinion differs from the ones of other students. It is excellent when a person has his or her own point of view and can support it with facts.

Teachers also pay attention to what students wear to the classes. A student who wears more or less official clothes looks more serious, mature, and intelligent. Keeping to the official dress code also shows the student's respect to the teacher. It is relevant not to forget that wearing a suit will do no good, if a student distracts other people during the class.

To sum up, the effectiveness of attending classes depends on various things. This list starts with the way a student treats the subject. There are also set rules that a student should adhere to in order to become successful in a particular subject and develop perfect reputation. It is also very significant for a student to win the teacher's trust in order to receive assistance in everything.

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